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Having The Grit To Move Forward – Episode 59

Grit is the essential element that pushes us through difficult times and keeps us on track as we pursue our vision. Kim and Tammi talk about why grit is so critical right now and also share insights they gained from attending the CES show in Las Vegas this year. To...

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PEM Webinar #6 ~ February 7, 2018

Here's what you'll learn about: John Moriarty of e3 Wealth shares how The Prosperity Economics Movement helped transform his company. He delivers specific attributes he sees as exclusive to The Movement that all who commit to can benefit from enormously!...

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When Is The Right Time To Get An Assistant?

At The Summit last year, Tim Francis shared a fascinating presentation on how the right assistant can have a dramatic impact on your business. Of course, the “wrong” assistant can also have a dramatic impact…just not in the way we were hoping. Tim’s...

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Go Slow, Start Small with Kim Butler – Episode 55

Kim Butler talks about a recent case study where she helped a client organize and strategize following the mantra of “go slow, start small.” Tammi and Kim go through the different steps of this plan and also share insights they’ve learned while attending CES in Las...

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Growing Your Advisor Team with Lou Pineda – Episode 53

Lou Pineda recently transitioned from commercial banking to becoming an advisor in the movement. In this conversation Tammi and Lou talk about his transition and why he’s putting focus on growing an advisor team. To learn more about the prosperity movement and help...

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