Get access to the industry’s best kept secret and learn how to build a simplified and impactful life insurance practice. Allowing you to focus on your unique ability to impact others while maintaining your personal freedom.
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The tried and tested program that will help life insurance advisors from feeling alone to feeling supported, inspired, and connected. With three levels of membership, we have the perfect fit for any advisor!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You are new to the business and unsure of how to move forward to grow your practice.
  • You are tired of struggling to get new prospects & leads.
  • You feel like your current office setup is holding you back.
  • Maybe you’ve been in the business for several years and know that you could be helping more people on your preferred timeline.
  • Or perhaps you have an established practice, yet you want to do more pro-bono work, develop a wider audience, and create a more refined clientele. You might even have a desire to help other advisors.
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If so, IGNITE is for you.

IGNITE combines an impactful community of like-minded agents, access to collaboration with expert partners, online courses, and live coaching using proven frameworks to help you accomplish new levels of business inspiration, impact, and growth. These programs are the result of a mastermind including several highly influential and impactful players in the life insurance space. We put our heads together to identify pain points in the industry and how together, with our own unique talents, we could collaborate and help solve them.

Let's work together, join today!

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Everything Is About To Change...

    • If you’d like to make an impact on people’s lives and create success yourself so you can impact even more lives.
    • If you want to provide principled-based recommendations of both products and strategies to your clients and prospects.
    • If you’d like to join a community of like-minded advisors that are dedicated to the same ideals and principles as you.
    • And if you are interested in an effective business model that is simple to understand and follow.

Then here’s why IGNITE could change your life:

Collectively, we have provided guidance to thousands of clients and hundreds of advisors to create a life they love by freeing clients from their money constraints and advisors from their industry constraints through coaching and mentorship.

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What you get with IGNITE:

Join a community that helps you create, grow, and sustain a successful financial practice focused on using products that meet the Principles Of Prosperity.

**NEW** FIVE FRAMEWORKS that guide you in business growth that aligns with your goals.

Gain access to the same templates & resources we utilize in our practices so that we can support you in your growth to build your desired practice in an automated way.

Weekly ‘OFFICE HOURS’ with Kim to help ‘ignite’ your progress.

Get access to the 12 Principles Of Prosperity so you can use them as an opportunity filter to make decisions around and help your clients do the same. 

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Training and resources are presented in self-paced online courses that enable you to emulate the practices of others who have paved the way for smoother sailing.

And much, much more. 

Mentorship from advisors who have years of experience, have won several top producer awards in numerous companies, have too many certifications to count, have authored best-selling books about the industry, and literally have billions of dollars of death benefits placed in all 50 states. 

**EXCLUSIVE** A proven sales system by Prometheus Speaks, LLC that enables you to be clear about the value you offer and get your clients’ numbers from day one.

The Perpetual Wealth Way presentation creator, which distills information from the Truth Concepts Asset Flow calculator into a client-facing presentation.

How IGNITE Produces Results

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes,” Warren Buffett.


IGNITE, in a nutshell, is the culmination of more than 100 years of combined experience in the field. We’ve put our heads together and reflected on our own wins and losses to help you shorten your learning curve. You’ll have all the necessary tools to leverage the experience of others and position clients as the hero of their journey.


IGNITE is not gimmicky, not sales-ey, proven by boots-on-the-ground industry professionals that still work the system every day.


IGNITE is backed up by the science of numerical proof as well as human psychology.


IGNITE is designed to help you perform at your highest level by taking advantage of only the highest-level training available in the industry.


IGNITE allows you to piggyback on our decades of financial analysis so that you can be confident in making recommendations backed by numerical proof.

Society is ever-changing, yet one thing remains true now more than ever: clients are looking for a Prosperity approach, not fear-tactics.

IGNITE helps you create a sustainable, principles-based practice based on the same concepts we use in our own businesses every day.

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This Is For You If...

  1. You’re new in the business
  2. You have been around, yet feel there is more, or
  3. You know what you are doing yet want to grow…..we know how you feel.

Some of our closest friends, who are also in the business, consistently tell us that they feel tired, doubtful, concerned about the industry and we agree.  Each of us has dedicated many years and an excessive amount of energy outside of our own practices in order to find a solution to the tired industry we all love. 


We have created IGNITE to specifically help you overcome the stories we keep hearing.  Let us shortcut your learning curve by sharing with you what works and what doesn’t.  Frankly, we created this program because it is what we wanted for ourselves.  A group of like-minded, principles-based advisors who love their work, can’t imagine retiring, and want to benefit from the brain-child of collaboration and sharing.

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Let's work together, join us today!

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Join the Program That Features:

  • A combined 100+ years of experience as advisors
  • Many top producer awards at numerous companies
  • Too many certifications to count
  • 9 books authored
  • Hosted or been featured in over 1200 podcast episodes
  • Billions of dollars of death benefits placed in all 50 states & Canada, most of it done remotely
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About us

About the Creators Behind IGNITE

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Todd Langford, Kim Butler & Patrick Donahoe

About every 10 years, we’ve found ourselves at a crossroads in our practice where we needed to reinvent / re-brand / shift from A to B in some fashion because we were struggling with a period of slow-down in our production.  These re-sets enabled us to learn over time the best way to take a slow period, revamp our practice, and turn it into a busy period.  Each time we got better at making the change and quicker at helping it happen.


THERE ARE DAYS WHEN… We’ve all been scared about the future, thinking we weren’t going to have enough new people to see, overwhelmed by the existing clients we had and not knowing how we were going to continue to serve them, aware we wanted to re-invent ourselves yet not knowing how to do it. 


SO after going through this valley numerous times, we finally realized it was just part of business, and we figured out how to do it quicker and with better results each time.


SO IT’S ALL TRIAL AND ERROR. Now we have practices we love, lives that we enjoy, friendships in the industry that enable us to keep going during the slow times, practices that serve our unique gifts, and teams that support our weaknesses. We also realized that we have a huge passion to help others do the same.


How To Join The Honorary Membership

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends! We are unable to guarantee results for legal reasons – we can’t predict what you will do with the mentorship program. I can say this though – over the past several years we’ve had so many unique success stories, some that you can view on this page. Our work is built on a lifetime. Some of the tools we offer can be learned in a day and implemented in your next meeting and others may take a few months. Some of the lessons are building blocks that will create a practice that lasts for decades and is totally personalized to you and the life you want to lead, helping the clients you like to help best.

Nothing of value takes “no work.” We know it works because we use it every day. It will work for you if you’ll put in the time and effort to learn and grow. We continue to do that every day (if you aren’t growing, you are dying) and we see our clients benefit accordingly.

I know right, it is insane. This is because this is not our main business and we’ve priced it so many can benefit. We chose to create a non-profit so that it will supersede our lifetimes and become owned and benefited by the members in order to make the biggest difference possible.

We pride ourselves on providing the best support possible for all our customers. We provide webinars, numerous blogs and podcasts, coaching calls, and many more resources. Additionally, the Facebook group is supported by members and curated by our team who attend each learning experience.

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Will you join us?

We’ve had hundreds of advisors successfully build a practice they are proud of.. Do check out just a few of their success stories on this page.


Would you like to be the next one?

  • If you’re ready to…enjoy your practice fully
  • If you’re ready to…live a life filled with purpose
  • If you’re ready to…be true to yourself and your work
  • If you’re ready to…find enough free days along the way to enable you to want to live a life of service
  • If you are ready to…be fully confident in the products you sell, the people you serve, and the process you use.

Then I warmly welcome you to get IGNITE and transform your life insurance practice, and even more importantly, your life!

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