10 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance for Our Kids with Kim Butler – Episode 182

On today’s Advisor Advantage podcast, Kim Butler shares insights about her new book: Perpetual Wealth. She discusses the ten reasons to buy life insurance for our kids and family legacies. This episode is full of value for you and your clients, so stay tuned, and enjoy!

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Links and Resources from this Episode

  • https://partners4prosperity.com/perpetual-wealth-book/
Show Notes
  • Ten reasons to buy life insurance for our kids – 1:50
  • Explaining why to buy life insurance – 3:04
  • Teaching valuable financial skills – 9:59
  • Having estate plan benefits – 4:31
  • Rate of return on a life insurance policy – 7:35
  • The importance of having financial literacy – 9:18
  • Explaining the concept of maximizing – 13:14
  • Being cognizant of the difference between maximizing and optimizing – 13:59

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