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The 1st Blindspot: The Time Value Of Money – Episode 107

In this podcast, Kim talks about the 1st of 7 Blind Spots about personal finances. Kim wants to share this 7 blind spots because she experienced them herself and believes that through these concepts you can help your clients to use the money better. Also in the advisor section of the podcast we get and interview with Mike Sullivan from this year’s Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors.

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Show Notes

  • Kim talks about the 1st of 7 blind spots about personal finance – 2:11
  • Kim tells us that she shares with advisors these blind spots – 2:50
  • 1st Blind Spot: “The Time Value Of Money Matters” – 3:26
  • Kim shares with us an example of the time value of money – 4:11
  • How to apply The Time Value Of Money? – 4:50
  • Using interest rates to impact the value of money – 5:49
  • Kim talks about the importance of having a financial calculator – 6:08
  • On the advisor section of the podcast we get to listen to Mike Sullivan at the 2018 Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors – 9:14
  • Mike Sullivan comments about his 25 years career and shares with us the importance of the Summit – 9:58

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