The 2nd Blind Spot: An Equal Time Frame – Episode 108

In this Podcast, Kim shares the 2nd Blind Spot in personal finance: an Equal Time Frame. She explains the importance of this blind spot and how to use it in our personal finance.

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Show Notes

  • Kim tells us that she had learned these blind spots thru the years – 2:04
  • She talks about the 2nd blind spot: an Equal Time Frames – 2:22
  • “You only change one component of a comparison at the time” – 2:59
  • Kim tells us that It’s too easy to have an equal frame on a comparison – 3:33
  • She talks about a comparison between mortgages – 4:33
  • Kim tells us that our time frames have to be equal – 5:03
  • She explains to us that our interest rates have to be equal – 5:07
  • Kim recommends us a book about interest rates – 5:38
  • She shares with us the importance of knowing which is the better mortgage – 6:38
  • On the advisor section of the podcast we get to listen to Wade Borth at the 2018 Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors – 8:04
  • “In this Summit, everyone is willing to share” – 10:20


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