A Beneficial and Efficient Way to Approach a Transition – Episode 93

Tammi talks about transitions in financial industries and shares with us the ones she has made in her business. She also talks about how to approach those transitions and how people can transition too.

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Show Notes

  • A transition is a part of growing – 3:02
  • Tammi’s career history and transitions – 6:43
  • On transitions, your eyes are open to something new – 8:09
  • You increase your credibility by admitting a new true – 9:17
  • At some point, we all go through a transition when we start saying “no” to people – 10:48
  • 3 alternatives to help people transition  – 12:13
  • What to do if you are interested in alternative investment space? – 17:30
  • Common transitions that advisors have to face – 19:10


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