A Different Perspective On Investing and Spending – Episode 158

Kim and Tammy talk about the most recent book that they read: The Last Safe Investment. They discuss how this book was full of invaluable information and can help guide you toward the right investments. So stay tuned and enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • An amazing title for a book – 1:35
  • Talking about the authors – 2:02
  • Whole Life As An Investment? – 2:39
  • One of the biggest benefits: know more about investments and investing – 3:10
  • The book’s approach to happiness – 3:55
  • Opportunity cost and what it does for you as an advisor – 5:56
  • You have to do what is important to you! – 7:26
  • Why Kim loves this book – 7:52
  • Helping clients – 8:57
  • Investing in human life value – 9:18
  • The importance of death benefit as it relates to whole life – 9:49
  • Kim recommends to read her book: The Perpetual Wealth – 10:00

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