A Membership to Keep Learning with Kim Butler – Episode 263

Are you all in?

Tammi interviews Kim Butler in this last episode of the PEM 5.0 three-part series. Their conversation revolves around the highest membership called Evolution. According to Kim, evolution is an underlying tool of human beings for growth. Tune in to know more about the importance of continuous learning and stepping up.

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Show Notes

  • The Third Highest Level of PEM – 0:15 
  • Evolution as an underlying tool of human being – 1:47
  • Who will evolve? – 3:25
  • Problems that this movement can address – 4:51
  • The special evolution access – 7:19
  • The 12 Step Frame: remembering  the simple yet critical pieces of information – 9:10
  • Importance of keeping up your learning – 11:25
  • Takeaways of the membership – 12:03 

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