A Network Revolution with Tom Wheelwright – Episode 122

In this Advisor Advantage Podcast, Tammi talks with a worldwide traveler: Tom Wheelwright. He talks about a network revolution he’s creating, that will ensure that the movement can have access to known CPAs. Tom is creating a certified network for CPAs that would help the advisors and the clients.

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Show Notes

  • Tom shares with us his recent project – 2:35
  • The best CPAs in the world are independents – 4:33
  • Tom talks about his worldwide network – 5:13
  • He tells us why this new network is a revolution – 5:25
  • There are seven members in the network that are receiving the training in this arena – 6:17
  • Tom shares with us that they are creating educational products for the clients – 7:11
  • He tells us that the network is also in South Africa and Hong Kong – 7:32
  • Part of the movement has to be training – 9:48
  • The process that a CPA has to do to be part of the network – 10:22
  • The importance of giving training to people – 13:49
  • CPAs are the more trusted advisors – 14:22
  • Tom tells us that they are looking the positive side of the CPAs world – 15:29
  • What kind of CPAs are the best fit for the program? -16:43
  • Tom recommends us to visit the web page:  wealthability.com – 18:41
  • Wealth Ability is Tom’s company – 18:47

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