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A New Way To Get New Clients with Pedro Palicio – Episode 98

Pedro Palicio is a financial adviser from Florida and has been in the industry for 24 years with his wife. He shares with us all the experiences that they had in that period of time. Pedro talks about the change that he and his wife made from doing all ‘face to face’ work to now having 75% of their practice done virtually.

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Show Notes

  • Pedro Palicio’s location and background – 2:27
  • 75% of Pedro’s business is virtual – 2:56
  • Pedro Palicio shares a generic presentation about banking to his new clients and answers all the questions that the client may have – 3:40
  • Pedro’s company history about financial advisory services – 4:48
  • ‘Becoming Your Own Banker’: a book that makes a lot of sense for the clients – 6:56
  • Pedro recommends a Robert Kiyosaki’s book to his clients – 9:50
  • Pedro talks about the integration of ideas of Nelson Nash and Robert Kiyosaki’s that Kim Butler has made – 11:10
  • The transition from ‘face to face’ to virtually – 13:20
  • Understanding Zoom for video conferencing? – 17:00
  • Pedro’s tips for advisers – 19:30

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