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A Successful Formula For Client Relationships (Part 2) with Patrick Donahoe – Episode 133

The second series of two on how to create long-lasting client relationships, Tammi and Patrick talk about the formula to get more referrals.

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Show Notes

  • There’s always a traditional way of doing something but, there’s always something missing – 1:54
  • What are the common variables that create success – 2:26
  • The importance of connection, choice, and creation to get success – 2:34
  • The success formula – 3:33
  • Create a strategy based on your goals – 4:49
  • Figure out ways to provide value and principles to the clients – 5:56
  • Creation as a good and meaningful conversation – 6:40
  • The creation of the strategy it is going to be always dynamic – 8:34
  • If you do not do the things well, you will have a short career – 13:59
  • People have strengths and things that they are not good at – 15:35
  • Always focus on your strengths and your abilities – 15:46
  • A formula that may work for some of the advisors in the movement – 18:40

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