Our Culture

About PEA

About PEA

The Prosperity Economics Creed

Do our dollars give us the Control, provide Liquidity, have the freedom to be Used and act like Equity so we can leverage them to do many different things?

  • Save 20% or more of all income earned.
  • Build emergency/opportunity funds for our future.
  • Protect our Human Life Value with a mix of term and whole life insurance.
  • Optimize all other insurances with high deductibles and lower premiums.

Live by the CLUE Acronym and use it to test investments:

C – Control

L – Liquidity

U – Use

E – equity

About PEA

Our Guiding Principles – What We Stand For

Our Vision

Expand the connection between financial advisors across the nation who are using Prosperity Economics and the 7 Principles of Prosperity so that they can connect with each other and not feel like they are the only ones out there.

Our Mission

Learn the whole truth about money and apply it daily, teach it to clients’ & others (including our children) and guide our nation onto more solid economic ground.

Our Purpose

Support the idea of finding work we love, and working until we no longer can, taking lots of vacations and sabbaticals all along the way and continuing to focus on our strengths and innate talents to help others

Our Values

We prefer preparation over planning, protection over risk tolerance, creation over consumption and prosperity over scarcity.

Our Code of Honor

We will seek out the whole truth around our money decisions.
About PEA

Our Tenets

  1. As adherents of Truth, we take the time to show clients the whole truth about their money, educating them about the good and the bad aspects of each product and strategy.
  2. We acknowledge that there will be occasions when we have to forego commissions in order to help the client make progress.
  3. We acknowledge that we cannot help every person we meet, but that we should try in any way we can to do some good in every situation.
  4. We acknowledge that all change starts in our thinking, and in our clients’ thinking and we pledge to help our clients address all areas of their lives by helping them include others on their team to do so.
  5. We acknowledge that as a group, we have a stronger voice than as an individual and we promise to help each committed member of our group in any reasonable way possible.
  6. And we promise to invite others to our movement and help them grow as we have been helped along ourselves.

Meet the Founders

Kim D. H. Butler


Todd Langford


Patrick Donohoe


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