Abundance vs Scarcity – Kim Butler – Episode 005

Kim Butler talks with host Tammi Brannan about Kim’s recent experience at Abundance 360 with Peter Diamandis. They talk about abundance vs scarcity, living an innovative and elegant life and amplifying your strengths.

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Links in this Episode:
The Summit – www.TheSummit4Advisors.com
Finding your strengths – www.strengthsfinder.com
New transformative material – https://boltthreads.com
3D printed ear pieces – www.averysound.com
Peter’s book – Bold

Show Notes:
00:00 Introduction
00:43 Today’s Guest: Kim Butler
01:52 What most people are looking to get out of the Abundance 360 event with Peter Diamandis
03:45 Be thinking about the strengths you already have and what else you could do with them
05:33 If you’re not clear on your strengths look at www.strengthsfinder.com
06:20 Amplifying your strengths
07:03 How Kim intakes information at conferences
08:12 Abundance Scorecard #1 – Abundance Mindset
08:54 Abundance Scorecard #2 – Moonshot Thinking
09:47 Abundance Scorecard #3 – Massively Transformative Purpose
10:20 Abundance Scorecard #4 – 6 D’s Implementation
11:15 Abundance Scorecard #5 – Exponential Tech
11:54 Abundance Scorecard #6 – Crowd and Community
13:06 Abundance Scorecard #7 – Transformation
13:12 Abundance Scorecard #8 – Data Driven Decision Making
15:37 The 5 Hour Rule
17:12 Gratitude and scarcity cannot co-exist in your mind
21:08 How to make your life more elegant
26:08 Abundance vs scarcity
29:15 Commitment statements