Activities and Objectives for a Team Meeting with Kim Butler – Episode 265

How to build trust and unity within the team? Why does sharing the vision matter?

Tammi and Kim continue their last week’s topic on teams. This week’s conversation focuses more on the team retreat, activities, and purpose. Kim explains why it is essential to use the word “team” rather than “staff.” 

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Show Notes

  • The team went to virtual mode – 1:30
  • The objective of the meeting – 1:30
  • The overall effect – 4:23
  • Why team, not staff? – 5:00
  • The activities and their purpose- 7:08
  • Identifying and solving a problem with the leader – 10:43
  • Let people connect at a super human level – 11:50
  • Vision – Traction Organizer – 12:45

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