Advantages of Being On a Group Coaching Program with Trent Fortner – Episode 202

Today is our episode with Trent Fortner! Mr. Fortner speaks about the advantages of being on a group coaching program. Trent has become the coach best known for creating sales conversations and questions that remove resistance from the sales process and motivates prospective clients and advisors alike to take action now. Tune in and enjoy!


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Show Notes

  • Coaching models – 1:21
  • Independent producers with different companies – 3:13
  • An abundance mindset – 4:01
  • The ability to communicate – 7:09
  • Creating success – 10:54
  • Setting good relationships with people – 11:48
  • An independent producer mastermind – 13:22
  • Coaching group size – 14:34
  • Get in touch with Trent – 18:00
  • Ensuring the quality of the group setting and environment – 18:41


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