Marketing with Kate: The Fortune Is In the Follow-Up – Episode 36

Kate Phillips is the marketing expert behind Partners4Prosperity and works closely with Kim on the Prosperity Economics movement writing blog posts, books and other forms of content. In this episode Kate and Tammi talk about different strategies of marketing, especially smart strategies for following up with prospects and clients.

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Show Notes

  • Kate’s background in marketing and as a financial coach – 1:26
  • Her responsibility with marketing for the Prosperity Economics Movement™ – 3:50
  • Doing follow up marketing with email newsletters – 5:28
  • If you only follow up with people once a month they forget who you are – 6:08
  • Advice for advisors that are just starting with their marketing – 7:26
  • Use lead magnets to get people to opt-in to email lists – 9:09
  • How long it takes to grow an email list – 10:50
  • Getting leverage using auto responders – 13:59
  • Be an educator and not too salesy – 18:18
  • Licensing content to get auto responders, ebooks and articles setup quickly – 19:00
  • Do automated follow up that builds your lead flow 24/7 – 24:10

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