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Are You Interested in Perpetuity? – Episode 247

Do you have families that you’re working with as an advisor? And are wanting to leave a legacy? If you know people that are interested in perpetuity, Kim has a brand new book: The Perpetual Wealth Book, and it’s available on Amazon. She discusses some important topics from her book, so stay tuned!

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Show Notes

  • How many books have been written by Kim – 2:22
  • The Perpetual Wealth book – 2:56
  • Life insurance is a product of love – 3:17
  • The perpetual aspect of life insurance – 3:51
  • Families want to be perpetual – 5:14
  • Critical aspects behind the book – 7:57
  • Building the Perpetual Wealth Strategy – 10:30
  • What guarantees perpetuity – 10:38

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