Episode 3 Barry Herrlinger

Attracting Your Ideal Clients – Barry Herrlinger – Episode 003

Barry Herrlinger talks with host Tammi Brannan and shares the process for attracting your ideal clients. He also speaks about what it takes to teach people while they are on their financial journey.

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Links in this Episode:
The Summit – https://prosperityeconomicsadvisors.com/the-summit

Show Notes:
00:00 Introduction
00:34 Today’s Guest: Barry Herrlinger
01:26 Barry’s #1 objective in 2017
02:08 Dispelling financial myths with clients
02:44 What it takes to teach people on their financial journey
05:33 Barry’s investigation process of asking questions
07:04 If you’re asking the right questions you don’t have to know everything
07:24 Why it’s not about the product
08:35 How to determine which clients are a good fit and which are not
12:02 Barry’s ideal clients
13:48 How to get people to trust you more quickly
17:55 Why Barry attends The Summit


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