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Bonus Episode: Creating Perpetual Wealth with Kim Butler and Steve Gordon – Episode 286

Wealth is not just about money. It is the mindset, the intention, and the values. As people progress in their lives, they get clearer about what success means to them. In this episode, Kim Butler speaks with Steve Gordon, the host of The Unstoppable CEO Show. Kim talks about how families can achieve perpetual wealth and how it is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. They discuss how the transfer of wisdom is a great way

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Internal Resources – Episode 285

How important is it to have a large network and connection? How can it benefit you and your business? In this episode, Tammi and Kim cover the topic of internal versus external resources, and how the community within the Prosperity Economics movement helps advisors tap into those internal resources. They explain that the most important internal resource is the PEA community itself, which provides support and advice for advisors. Tammi and Kin discuss the importance of having a person like

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Making Winning Progress with The Unstoppable CEO with Steve Gordon – Episode 283

If you’re looking for advice on how to be an unstoppable CEO, then you need to listen to the Advisor Advantage Podcast with Steve Gordon. In each episode, Steve provides insights and tips on what it takes to be a successful business owner or financial advisor. He also shares his own experiences in building businesses and working with clients. One thing that makes the Advisor Advantage Podcast so attractive is its focus on actionable advice. Steve doesn’t just talk about

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Woman using calculator and spreadsheets. Financial calculators

When to Rely on Financial Calculators in Your Practice

No matter what financial calculators you turn to, there is one important distinction you must make: what role will the calculators play in your business? While calculators are meant to help you prove your solutions mathematically and work through problems to find solutions, many calculators in the industry have a nice visual element. Should you use calculators in front of clients? And if so, how often? These are questions we hear often, and we think we have some answers. The

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Value Preparation over Planning with Janet Sims – Episode 277

Kim Butler and Janet Sims talk about the big difference between planning and preparing. Together, they give a run down of how the Prosperity Economics Movement helps advisors be more prepared. Janet also shares what her preparation process is and how she separates the need to be conscious of what’s going on in the world and her desire to protect herself from too much garbage by valuing silence. To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement  Show Notes What

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Collaboration with Janet Sims – Episode 275

Continuing with their conversation last episode, Tammy welcomes Janet Sims of the Prosperity Economics Movement again to talk about collaboration within the community. Janet shares what are the benefits of being in a community like the Prosperity Economics Movement, whether you are new in the field or you’re an expert with several years of experience under your belt. She also talks about what makes the Prosperity Economic Advisors process unique and what to expect from the community moving forward. To

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Community with Janet Sims – Episode 274

Tammy welcomes Janet Sims of the Prosperity Economics Movement, to talk about her favorite take away from the community that the Prosperity Economics Movement is developing. Janet shares the connection between her giving her life away, to what the group is continually doing. To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement  Links and Resources from this Episode Memberships – Prosperity Economics Advisors Show Notes Who Janet Sims is The connection between giving her life away as to what she’s

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Cognitive biases

5 Cognitive Biases to Understand When Growing Your Practice

As an independent financial advisor, you’re also an entrepreneur. You run your own business, which requires a dedication to learning and innovation. Books, podcasts, summit events, and other learning tools can help you stay at the cutting edge of the industry.  Yet, it’s a good idea to be cautious of how you can get in your own way (as we all can on some level). This is thanks to cognitive bias, to which no human is immune.  Our brain works

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Case Studies, Milestones, and Objectives: The Next Prosperity Economics Movement Events – Episode 273

Are you excited for the upcoming Prosperity Economics Movement events? Tammi and Kim know that you are, so in this episode, they talk about what are the next summits to watch out for and what you should expect during the events to come. Kim also shares the objectives behind the Prosperity Economics Movement, as well as using the learnings from the events, such as building case studies and using objectives and milestones, in helping your future clients in creating their

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Learnings From Attending the Prosperity Economics Movement Events with Kim Butler – Episode 272

What makes the Prosperity Economics Movement Event unique? In this episode, Tammi and Kim sit down and talk about the Prosperity Economics Movement Event. Tammi shares the learnings she had from attending it again face to face and the expectations one can have when attending Kim’s business event. Kim also cites down the topics discussed during the shows, as well as the bits and pieces that anyone can pick up and add to their practice to start growing up as

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