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Collaboration with Janet Sims – Episode 275

Continuing with their conversation last episode, Tammy welcomes Janet Sims of the Prosperity Economics Movement again to talk about collaboration within the community. Janet shares what are the benefits of being in a community like the Prosperity Economics Movement, whether you are new in the field or you’re an expert with several years of experience under your belt. She also talks about what makes the Prosperity Economic Advisors process unique and what to expect from the community moving forward. To

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Community with Janet Sims – Episode 274

Tammy welcomes Janet Sims of the Prosperity Economics Movement, to talk about her favorite take away from the community that the Prosperity Economics Movement is developing. Janet shares the connection between her giving her life away, to what the group is continually doing. To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement  Links and Resources from this Episode Memberships – Prosperity Economics Advisors Show Notes Who Janet Sims is The connection between giving her life away as to what she’s

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Cognitive biases

5 Cognitive Biases to Understand When Growing Your Practice

As an independent financial advisor, you’re also an entrepreneur. You run your own business, which requires a dedication to learning and innovation. Books, podcasts, summit events, and other learning tools can help you stay at the cutting edge of the industry.  Yet, it’s a good idea to be cautious of how you can get in your own way (as we all can on some level). This is thanks to cognitive bias, to which no human is immune.  Our brain works

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Case Studies, Milestones, and Objectives: The Next Prosperity Economics Movement Events – Episode 273

Are you excited for the upcoming Prosperity Economics Movement events? Tammi and Kim know that you are, so in this episode, they talk about what are the next summits to watch out for and what you should expect during the events to come. Kim also shares the objectives behind the Prosperity Economics Movement, as well as using the learnings from the events, such as building case studies and using objectives and milestones, in helping your future clients in creating their

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Learnings From Attending the Prosperity Economics Movement Events with Kim Butler – Episode 272

What makes the Prosperity Economics Movement Event unique? In this episode, Tammi and Kim sit down and talk about the Prosperity Economics Movement Event. Tammi shares the learnings she had from attending it again face to face and the expectations one can have when attending Kim’s business event. Kim also cites down the topics discussed during the shows, as well as the bits and pieces that anyone can pick up and add to their practice to start growing up as

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Man in white shirt sits at laptop.improving your zoom game.

How to Improve Your Zoom Game and Foster Connection

As you grow your practice and business, there’s massive potential in the online space. Not only can meeting virtually help you expand your practice to all 50 states, it can also open you up to new ways of connecting with clients.  If you’re a PEA member, you’re likely familiar with how we use Zoom to connect with our community. It’s useful for one-on-one meetings, larger webinars, work sessions, and so much more. It can even enable you to hire a

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Building Humble Confidence with Kim Butler – Episode 271

What determines the confidence you wear every single day?  In this episode, Tammi and Kim sit together and talk about the proper places on where to look for confidence. It is important to establish a sustainable and stable confidence, free from the influence of outside forces. To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement  Show Notes Is confidence an internal or external game? – 0:49 Control what is inside, be in-charge! – 1:17 Difference between confidence and humble confidence

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The Big Three Events this 2022 with Kim Butler – Episode 270

Kim and Tammi discuss the recent summit event of the Prosperity Economics Movement in this episode of Advisor Advantage Podcast. They also present three upcoming events in 2022, as well as their benefits. There is a list of reputable experts ready to mentor you in the coming months! To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement  Show Notes Emma dog and her lessons for human beings – 0:52 The October PEM Summit – 2:43 The trimester system: a series

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Is There a Way to BENEFIT from Inflation?

Merriam-Webster defines inflation as the continuing rise in prices, usually caused by an increasing volume of money in the economy. In other words, over time your money just doesn’t stretch as far. Right now, many people are painfully aware of gas and grocery prices. Even if this current “squeeze” is temporary, over time the prices creep up. For example. in the 1950s a gallon of gas or a loaf of bread cost under a dollar. Now, you just can’t expect

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Is Whole Life Tax-Free?

Language is one of the most important tools we have to get concepts across to clients. Language has the power to create understanding and foster connections, and it also has the power to mislead or misrepresent. When building trust, the words we use about our products are crucial, so that we don’t contribute to the misinformation in our field. One shining example is the way we discuss taxes and tax strategies, or call whole life insurance tax-free as a blanket

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