Kate Phillips

Preparing for Prosperity in a Futuristic World

Peter Diamandis created the Abundance 360 community and event as a place for “entrepreneurs passionate about generating extraordinary wealth while creating a world of abundance.” I’ve been grateful to attend for several years now, and always walk away inspired to learn how the world is being shaped by purposeful,…

Join Kim D. H. Butler, Todd Langford and Kate Phillips for an hour that can make a difference in your business!

In this teleseminar and webcast, we’re going to be revealing:

The 3 Problems You MUST Solve for Your Clients to Create Raving Fans (the more problems you solve, the more prosperous you – and your clients – will be!)
The KEY to Long-Term Marketing Success
The One Thing You MUST Implement in Your Business to Differentiate Yourself from “Salespeople,” Attract EXCELLENT Clients, AND Produce an Additional Income Stream!
The HABIT that makes the Difference between Struggle and Success
Also: We’ll be announcing SPEAKERS, TOPICS, two cool new BONUSES and other DETAILS about the upcoming Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors!