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Learning is Self-Confidence – Episode 282

How many times have you heard that having more self-confidence is the key to a better understanding and quick progression on everything that you’re working on? Believing in your own skills and capabilities can help you gain that “can do” rather than “can’t do” attitude whatever and wherever you are. To emphasize the importance of learning self-confidence, Tammi and Kim first talk about what imposter syndrome is. They share how the growth mindset can aid you in getting a much

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Learning From Others – Episode 281

Never underestimate the importance of learning from the people around you. If you are open to learning from others, you can benefit from their experiences and inherit their wisdom and knowledge. Tammi and Kim unpack how important it is to learn from others. Kim shares the value of dealing not only with humility but asking others for help. They also talk about whether it is okay to ask people without offering any payment or whether should money be involved with

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Growth with Kim Butler – Episode 280

How can you say that you have truly grown as a person? Is it through your achievement, your wealth, or your following? If you want to experience growth, how should you take action? For today’s episode. Tammi and Kim talk about personal and professional growth. They argue about the differences between soul service and self-service. Kim also shares a personal story on how the community of next-level people influences the growth of the other members. Additionally, Tammi and Kim share

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PEM Culture with Janet Sims – Episode 279

Shedding light on the culture of the Prosperity Economics Movement, Kim Butler and Janet Sims describe what the culture in the movement really is about. They also talk about the concept of full service to the client and the important elements in the culture. To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement  Show Notes The Prosperity Economics Movement culture  What the concept of full service to the client is The important elements of the culture  Finding the meaning: What

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PEA Mentor/Mentee Program with Janet Sims – Episode 278

Every successful mentorship is built upon a strong mentor-mentee relationship. Kim Butler and Janet Sims discuss understanding the whole mentor-mentee relationship between an experienced advisor that has to be in business. As Kim shares her experience being a mentee for three years, Janet also talks about how having a mentor helped her with her career. Additionally, they also narrow down the different characteristics of what an ideal mentor is, as well as how the Prosperity Economics Movement helps people understand

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Unlimited Opportunities – Episode 276

Anyone would love to accumulate more money, more wealth, and have a more abundant life. However, not a lot of people have the power to attract abundance and enjoy the unlimited opportunities that will drive a successful life — whether it is for personal or for business. Talking about their take on unlimited opportunities, Tammy and Kim share why it is important to shift your mindset to how abundant or unlimited opportunities are. They also talk about their different approaches

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The Myth of the Policy Loan

It is the responsibility of the financial advisor to help clients live the life they want. In our face-to-face interactions, this means we’re listening to them. Yet behind the scenes, it’s imperative to have a deep understanding of what we do and how to do it. While that should seem like a given, there are still many false perceptions about whole life insurance and what it does (and does not) achieve. One such misconception centers on how a policy loan

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3 Assets Your Clients Can Pass Down that Have Nothing to Do with Money

The financial wisdom and guidance you pass to clients is going to look different for different stages of life. In the typical financial industry, we see that the bulk of this guidance is about assets, products, and returns. Within the “whole-life friendly” community, there’s more emphasis on legacy, protection, and certainty. We’d like to introduce an additional component to the work you may do with your clients. That is, encouraging your clients to expand their notion of legacy.  You may

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