Becoming More Than Just an Advisor with Gary Pinkerton – Episode 44

Gary Pinkerton shares his passion and purpose that drives him to serve people in this industry. Together Gary and Tammi talk about what it takes to be more than just an advisor and how to find what your purpose is to create a transformation in your practice.

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Show Notes

  • Gary’s takeaways from Summit that are transforming his practice – 1:42
  • What he’s learning and focusing on to educate his clients – 5:21
  • Why long term care benefits are very personal to him – 6:30
  • Becoming more than just an advisor selling products – 9:18
  • Seeing life insurance as a tool to help others – 11:24
  • Patrick Donohoe’s challenge for him to work with real estate investors – 14:43
  • Gary’s goal is to help people live their unique genius – 18:37
  • How his passion and purpose makes all the difference in his business – 22:00

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