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Financial Advising has Changed (And How to Keep Up)

It is no longer enough to have the “right” asset, just like any field there must be growth equivalent or greater to the speed of the industry’s evolution. If you don’t adapt to succeed, you’ll be left behind. With the addition of new regulations, new technology, and...

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The Inspiring Tale Of Amanda Eller – Episode 154

Join us as Kim and Tammi share the amazing story of Amanda Eller, a woman who went missing in the Maui jungle for seventeen days. Our hosts discuss a couple of different aspects of her story that can help you as an advisor, stay tuned and listen to how you can take...

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Creating A NOT-To-Do List – Episode 153

A rather contrary way of thinking, on this episode Kim suggests that instead of creating a to-do list we should create a "not-to-do" list: what not to think about, what not to listen to...etc, so stay tuned to get another taste of Kim's intellectual wisdom. To learn...

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The R-Factor Question – Episode 152

Kim and Tammi talk about the concept of giving. If you want to get a new client you have to think about giving to that person regardless of what they do for you. Kim and Tammi explain to us how they use The R-Factor Question, a tool created by Dan Sullivan of...

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This Is Marketing – Part 2 – Episode 145

Today we get the second episode of a two-part series where Tammi and Kim give their personal review of Seth Godin's new book: "This is marketing".  Tune in to listen to our hosts talk about how to use Seth's book to help the movement grow. To learn more about the...

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