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How To Get Clients To Take Action – Episode 77

Helping clients understand their many choices can be overwhelming and often lead to inaction. In this episode Kim Butler and Tammi Brannan talk about how to get clients to take action and also how to coordinate alternative investments into your strategy. To learn more...

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[Great Assistant Video 2 of 8] Leading the Work

Tim Francis’s company, Great Assistant specializes in matching small business owners like you with the best fitting assistant who can help get the bottom 80% tasks off your plate allowing you to focus on the big picture. He has created a series of short,...

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Announcing The Summit for 2018 – Episode 71

Kim Butler makes an announcement that The Summit will be this July 26th - 29th in Park City, Utah. Together Kim and Tammi talk about how this event will be different this year and the changes to expect. They also discuss the top 3 returns on investment you should...

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How To Get a Client Started – Episode 69

When working with new clients the success of our meetings are often determined by the quality of the questions we ask. In today’s episode Tammi asks Kim how she navigates the first appointment with a client and what she does to make it a win/win experience. Together...

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Preparing for Prosperity in a Futuristic World

Peter Diamandis created the Abundance 360 community and event as a place for “entrepreneurs passionate about generating extraordinary wealth while creating a world of abundance.” I’ve been grateful to attend for several years now, and always walk away inspired to learn how the world is being shaped by purposeful,…

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