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The 6th Blind Spot: Save First! – Episode 112

In this 6th episode of Kim's seven blind spots of personal finance, Kim talks about a lie: "we invest before we save". We shouldn't invest before we save first. Kim also talks about the importance of teaching the young people to save first. To learn more about the...

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The 3rd Blind Spot: Opportunity Cost – Episode 109

This third blind spot refers to the fact that your own cash has value and this is related to opportunity cost based on how we use our money on a day to day basis. This personal finance blind spot has helped Kim stand apart from other financial advisors since...

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The 2nd Blind Spot: An Equal Time Frame – Episode 108

In this Podcast, Kim shares the 2nd Blind Spot in personal finance: an Equal Time Frame. She explains the importance of this blind spot and how to use it in our personal finance. To learn more about the prosperity movement and help you and your clients build and keep...

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