Bonus Episode: Creating Perpetual Wealth with Kim Butler and Steve Gordon – Episode 286

Wealth is not just about money. It is the mindset, the intention, and the values. As people progress in their lives, they get clearer about what success means to them.

In this episode, Kim Butler speaks with Steve Gordon, the host of The Unstoppable CEO Show. Kim talks about how families can achieve perpetual wealth and how it is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. They discuss how the transfer of wisdom is a great way to create perpetual wealth.

Kim also shares how financial education is lacking in our society and how banks and other financial institutions do not teach people how to build wealth. She reiterates the value of whole life insurance and having the perpetual thinking of building sustainable wealth.

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Show Notes

  • What wealth is
  • Different aspects of wealth
  • Importance of wealth in our lives
  • Concepts from the book, Perpetual Wealth
  • How the Family Legacy Game can drive conversations in families
  • Importance of having a legacy mindset
  • Things that have changed in other people after having a legacy mindset
  • Why long-term thinking in financial planning should be a top priority
  • Using whole life insurance as a perpetual wealth strategy for businesses
  • Dealing with your digital footprint
  • The importance of planning your life, even after death

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