Building Humble Confidence with Kim Butler – Episode 271

What determines the confidence you wear every single day? 

In this episode, Tammi and Kim sit together and talk about the proper places on where to look for confidence. It is important to establish a sustainable and stable confidence, free from the influence of outside forces.

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Show Notes

  • Is confidence an internal or external game? – 0:49
  • Control what is inside, be in-charge! – 1:17
  • Difference between confidence and humble confidence – 2:06
  • Goal setting is valuable for a short period of time: Why is visioneering better? – 4:23
  • Turn internal confidence into external visioneering for servant leadership – 5:44
  • You do not need something outside you to build your ego up – 8:53
  • Fake it until you make it – 10:34
  • Where people struggle: The impostor syndrome – 12:05

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