Busting Money Myths and Bridging the Gap with “Measure-Back” Savings Behavior – Episode 299

Join Justin on the Advisor Advantage Podcast as he chats with financial mentor Kim Butler. Kim, endorsed by luminaries like Robert Kiyosaki, shares insights from her latest book “Busting the Budgeting Lies” – challenging mainstream money management and revealing the truth about personal finance. Discover how to truly take control of your cash flow and transform your financial trajectory. Tune in for potent strategies beyond traditional budgeting, guaranteed to empower your financial journey.

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Show Notes

  • Importance of understanding personal finance.
  • Myth-busting the concept of budgeting.
  • Life’s fluidity and the pitfalls of strict budgeting.
  • The power of saving first and its historical relevance.
  • Personal story – Financial lessons from farming.
  • Traditional budgeting vs. the “save first” approach.
  • The psychology of measuring progress backwards.
  • Introduction to the Currence app for financial behavior.
  • The critical difference between budgeting and cash flow management.
  • How the app can significantly impact one’s financial future.
  • Aligning personal finances with business success.

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