Busting the Life Insurance Lies
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Busting The Life Insurance Lies takes 38 myths around life insurance and breaks them wide open. ! Some of the lies and half-truths busted include:

  • Whole life insurance is a bad investment.
  • Only people with dependents need life insurance.
  • Never buy life insurance for a child.
  • “Buy term and invest the difference” works.
  • The insurance company keeps your whole life cash value when you die.
  • If you can’t pay your premiums, you’re in serious trouble.
  • You can only count on the guaranteed column (not dividends).
  • A whole life policy means you don’t need any other investments.
  • When you repay a life insurance loan, you’re paying interest to yourself!
  • Universal Life gives policyholders more flexibility and costs less.

Get the truth from veteran advisors Kim D. H. Butler and Jack Burns, with the help of a fictional family who debates the issues, along with their helpful advisors.

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