AA 007 Rich Gane

Canada and the Future of Prosperity Economics- Rich Gane – Episode 007


Host Tammi Brannan interviews Rich Gane to learn more about his Canadian team and their strategies for finding open-minded clients interested in Prosperity Economics, and teaching those clients that alternative investments are the future.

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Links in this Episode:
The Summit – www.TheSummit4Advisors.com

Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
00:51 Today’s Guest: Rich Gane
02:27 Team Objective: Spread Prosperity Economics to everyone in Canada
03:04 How Rich got a 2% return on investment from whole life insurance
04:48 Client mindset is more important than income
07:00 How Rich Gane built his client base at the beginning
08:11 Use Facebook and LinkedIn ads now
10:55 Rich Gane’s resources for marketing
15:42 Employee Jason Rink and how digital marketing is key!
18:17 Why alternative investments are safer than the stock market
20:19 Canadian pension plan switches from stock bonds to private equity
23:13 This year’s Summit and why you should go
24:57 Power as a team


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