Case Studies, Milestones, and Objectives: The Next Prosperity Economics Movement Events – Episode 273

Are you excited for the upcoming Prosperity Economics Movement events?

Tammi and Kim know that you are, so in this episode, they talk about what are the next summits to watch out for and what you should expect during the events to come. Kim also shares the objectives behind the Prosperity Economics Movement, as well as using the learnings from the events, such as building case studies and using objectives and milestones, in helping your future clients in creating their goals.

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Show Notes

  • When are the next summits to watch out for?
  • The Why behind the fun part
  • What to expect during the event
  • What will enable Kim and her team to do case studies in a fast, effective, and efficient manner
  • Kim and Todd’s objectives behind the Prosperity Economics Movement
  • The two things that you should be clear on to get your clients’ wants
  • The difference between objectives and milestones 

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