Case Study: Mid 60’s Couple Looking to Retire – Episode 73

Kurt Berry one of the Advisors in the movement comes to us with another case study about a couple in their mid 60’s that is looking to retire. You’ll hear Kim’s insights and how she navigates this conversation with clients to help them prepare financially and emotionally.

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Show Notes

  • Background of the case study – 3:15
  • Why we start with the emergency / opportunity fund – 4:52
  • Making a plan to recreate their income – 6:43
  • Creating income in a way that doesn’t erode principle – 9:47
  • How to handle the reaction of telling someone they’re not ready to retire – 10:25
  • Why an accurate assessment helps people move forward – 12:37
  • How to give people a perspective and a guide so they don’t feel the need to retire – 14:21

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