Case Study of a Young Couple Working Toward Alternative Investments – Episode 67

We received a case study question from Kurt Berry where he was helping a young couple work towards setting up alternative investments. In this episode Kim and Tammi talk about where to focus before alternative investments and why it’s critical to get clients to the $25k level so they can take advantage of more opportunities.

We’d love for you to submit your case studies and questions by emailing us at hello@pem.email and thank you Kurt for your question!

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Show Notes

  • Case study from Kurt Berry – 1:51
  • Why life insurance cash value should be first on your list – 3:00
  • How to get clients motivated to create an emergency / opportunity fund – 4:38
  • Breakdown of a typical real life case study – 8:02
  • The first thing to address after the emergency / opportunity fund – 11:09
  • Debt reduction and elimination – 14:06
  • Helping people create secondary goals towards alternative investments – 15:33
  • Why beginning your day with gratitude is the most important thing – 17:55

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