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Having a Clear and Proven Path to Build a Sustainable Business with Kim Butler – Episode 290

Kim Butler was Janet Sims’ guest on the AA podcast discussing the Prosperity Economic Movement’s Vision. The Prosperity Economic Movement offers whole-life-friendly advisors a clear, proven path to building a sustainable business. To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement  Links and Resources from this Episode Show Notes Review, Subscribe and Share If you like what you hear please leave a review by clicking here Make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast so you get the latest episodes.

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Promoting Exponential Growth For The Clients Through Joint Work Among Advisors with Kim Butler – Episode 289

When doing joint work, you’ll realize that “50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.” Joint work promotes motivation to remove the ego and invite an expert for a better outcome. Kim Butler and Janet Sims share their beliefs that when two experienced people with different strengths come together, they can create an exponential impact. With proven success stories to tell, joint work can help your own career. Kim and Janet also talk about the importance of joint work

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Seeing Your Strengths By Bringing In and Working With An Expert with Kim Butler – Episode 288

Until you are comfortable with your own shell, until you are comfortable helping your client the way they want to be helped, it’s important, as an advisor, to seek help from an expert. Bringing in and working with an expert cannot hurt your ego: Instead, it can lead to your exponential growth. Janet Sims and Kim Butler discuss joint work in the financial industry and how it can lead to exponential growth. Janet stresses the importance of responding to the

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Growing The Business By Practicing Joint Work with Kim Butler – Episode 287

Are you interested in joining joint work? Are there any benefits from joining one? In this episode, Kim Butler and Janet Sims discuss the importance of joint work in the financial industry. They explain how joint work can be beneficial for both mentors and mentees, and how it can lead to exponential growth.  Kim and Janet also talk about the importance of having someone with expertise in a certain field to help with the sales process and finding an advisor

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Bonus Episode: Creating Perpetual Wealth with Kim Butler and Steve Gordon – Episode 286

Wealth is not just about money. It is the mindset, the intention, and the values. As people progress in their lives, they get clearer about what success means to them. In this episode, Kim Butler speaks with Steve Gordon, the host of The Unstoppable CEO Show. Kim talks about how families can achieve perpetual wealth and how it is something that can be passed down from generation to generation. They discuss how the transfer of wisdom is a great way

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Internal Resources – Episode 285

How important is it to have a large network and connection? How can it benefit you and your business? In this episode, Tammi and Kim cover the topic of internal versus external resources, and how the community within the Prosperity Economics movement helps advisors tap into those internal resources. They explain that the most important internal resource is the PEA community itself, which provides support and advice for advisors. Tammi and Kin discuss the importance of having a person like

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External Resources to Better Serve the Clients – Episode 284

The Prosperity Economics Movement is all about helping people build their businesses in a way that serves them best. That means creating a business model that works for you and your clients.   Speaking about the 2-Day Deep Dive Virtual Summit, Tammi and Kim discuss how the summit can help any individuals and businesses build a steady income stream that works for you. During this event, Kim and the rest of the team will be sharing her wealth of knowledge

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Making Winning Progress with The Unstoppable CEO with Steve Gordon – Episode 283

If you’re looking for advice on how to be an unstoppable CEO, then you need to listen to the Advisor Advantage Podcast with Steve Gordon. In each episode, Steve provides insights and tips on what it takes to be a successful business owner or financial advisor. He also shares his own experiences in building businesses and working with clients. One thing that makes the Advisor Advantage Podcast so attractive is its focus on actionable advice. Steve doesn’t just talk about

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Learning is Self-Confidence – Episode 282

How many times have you heard that having more self-confidence is the key to a better understanding and quick progression on everything that you’re working on? Believing in your own skills and capabilities can help you gain that “can do” rather than “can’t do” attitude whatever and wherever you are. To emphasize the importance of learning self-confidence, Tammi and Kim first talk about what imposter syndrome is. They share how the growth mindset can aid you in getting a much

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Learning From Others – Episode 281

Never underestimate the importance of learning from the people around you. If you are open to learning from others, you can benefit from their experiences and inherit their wisdom and knowledge. Tammi and Kim unpack how important it is to learn from others. Kim shares the value of dealing not only with humility but asking others for help. They also talk about whether it is okay to ask people without offering any payment or whether should money be involved with

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