Creating a 10X Mindset with Paulette Sopoci from Strategic Coach – Episode 43

Paulette Sopoci from Strategic Coach shares the biggest obstacles entrepreneurs face today and how to overcome those obstacles. Paulette and Tammi also talk about creating a 10X mindset and working with our unique abilities to create massive breakthroughs in business and life.

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Show Notes

  • The 4 C’s Formula – 1:15
  • Background of Strategic Coach – 2:25
  • The biggest obstacles entrepreneurs face today – 5:55
  • Busyness doesn’t lead to greater success – 8:22
  • The core mindsets that help entrepreneurs create breakthroughs – 10:02
  • Creating a 10X mindset – 12:14
  • Who is a good fit for strategic coach? – 14:23
  • Learning entrepreneurial ideas from the mortuary business – 17:01
  • Get the 4 C’s Formula from Matt Yonke at 888-872-8877 ext 5673 – 18:34

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