Creating A NOT-To-Do List – Episode 153

A rather contrary way of thinking, on this episode Kim suggests that instead of creating a to-do list we should create a “not-to-do” list: what not to think about, what not to listen to…etc, so stay tuned to get another taste of Kim’s intellectual wisdom.

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Show Notes

  • A “not-to-do list” – 0:56
  • Tammi’s not-to-do list – 1:51
  • Choosing not to listen to the news – 2:56
  • What to do with negative thinking – 3:47
  • Finding out when things are important – 4:37
  • Discussing Cs Monitor – 5:20
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the news – 8:14
  • The use of money – 9:22
  • Different perspectives on spending money – 10:24
  • Shopping on Amazon – 11:17
  • It’s what’s on the insight that counts – 15:50

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