Creating a Platform to Educate with Curtis May – Episode 38

Curtis May is on the cutting edge as a financial educator, podcaster, speaker and influencer. In this episode Curtis and Tammi talk about how a podcast has given him a platform to educate more people and how it helps him create content that helps prospects and clients. They also talk about the importance of identifying your message and using profit activators to share that message.

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Show Notes

  • How Curtis is ahead of the curve as an educator – 1:25
  • Why he started a podcast and how easy it was to start  – 2:00
  • How a podcast has given him influence and a platform – 3:52
  • A podcast recording can become a blog post and even a book – 6:43
  • Why teaching sells and how to educate prospects and clients – 10:37
  • The 2 types of workshops you can do. Focus on the kind that works – 12:19
  • The 7 profit activators for your business – 15:35
  • Why he’s writing a book and sharing his message – 20:17
  • Identify your message and don’t get distracted by technology – 26:33

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