Creating, Managing, and Controlling Processes with a Structured Framework – Episode 257

How can you build a process, whether it’s for your business or your community?

Tammi welcomes Kim Butler to center their conversation regarding building communities. Kim shares several quotes from the Untethered Aging book which can help establish different processes in the business. If you are looking to control and manage the processes and outcomes in your business, stay tuned to this episode.

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Show Notes

  • Building communities: The power of community. – 1:54
  • What’s the certainty that comes with business collaboration? – 2:37
  • The people that are in the room at the Prosperity Economics Events are all about giving first. – 5:17
  • It isn’t about the leaders. It’s about the members and their relationship to each other. – 7:54
  • I believe that a big part of that trust is failure, learning from failures, openness, and vulnerability. – 9:52
  • The framework is the structure that will create the process and control and manage the processes and the outcomes. – 11:19

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