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Currence is here to revolutionize the way your clients save

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Enroll and get unlimited licenses to invite clients and help them rewire spending habits to create a healthier cash flow.

Unlimited Licenses for clients

(Market Price) = $250/month

Your PEA Member price (includes Linguistics) = $197/month

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Motivation to be Proactive

People are wired for spending and most of them have no clue where the money is going. They believe that if they can find the right budget, they will increase their savings. 

The choice for responsible decisions is simple…but not easy.

If the environment doesn’t change, habits won’t change. The Currence app creates the necessary paradigm shift in your clients’ spending habits. 

Get your clients motivated to make proactive decisions, create unconscious savings AND drive growth for your practice. 

The landscape of our profession is changing. How do we create demand for us? 

Currence is not a product to sell to your clients. It is an offering to get them going in the direction of financial freedom. It’s a structure to live into the best version of themselves.

Help your clients achieve their goals by making it easy for them to:


Track the Target balance and see when it’s time to make adjustments


Lead with abundance and open new avenues for referrals


Break complex goals into achievable steps

The keys to financial freedom for your clients are inside the app:

Access a powerful advisor dashboard to see your entire client population and key events such as:

  • Who has extra cash
  • Who made recent large deposits
  • Who is running at a deficit
  • Recent introductions

…and when a surplus shows up, you can talk to them about a proactive financial choice.

Dashboard Currence

Create a frictionless environment for wealth creation and protection decisions.

Be a Part of the Currence Movement and Help Your Clients Succeed

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Currence (Market Price) = $250/month

Your PEA Member price (including Linguistics) = $197/month



The app combined with the account will give clients access to a better order of operations, tracking and reporting tools, and a gamification aspect to make saving more fun and engaging.

The reservoir is an FDIC-insured checking account. Clients will still have the option to choose where they want to invest their money, and they can even link multiple accounts to the app to track their savings progress.

There IS a $40 charge per quarter passed on to clients, and we understand that this may be a concern for some. We believe that this small fee is a fair trade-off for the valuable benefits that the app provides. Not to mention, they’ll still enjoy interest earned on the account.

We have included an onboarding booklet in the Currence training to guide advisors through setting up and maintaining their clients’ accounts.


Unlimited Licenses for clients
$ 197/month Your PEA Member price (includes Linguistics)
  • (Market Price) = $250
  • Your PEA Member price (includes Linguistics) = $197/month

Join us at the Currence – Rising Tide Conference, July 23-25.

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