Deeper Connections-Michael Bonny- Episode 021


Tammi Brannan speaks with Michael Bonny about his primary business goal for 2017. The focus for today- how to deepen your connections with clients.

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Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
01:18 Primary goal for 2017
02:27 Make deeper connections
04:07 Favorite part of the job: interaction with clients
05:46 Reach out to clients on a regular basis
06:09 No substitute for a simple phone call.
06:58 Bonny’s ideal clients
07:35 This is a lifelong relationship
11:03 How do you approach deepening your personal connections?
13:32 Have visual cues in the office as reminders
15:58 Building trust based on sharing stories
17:54 One skill: being able to deviate from the normal, perceived purpose of the call
19:07 How to read your client
19:30 Use open ended questions
21:58 His mentor says his clients are his closest friends