Do Something That You Enjoy with Todd Langford – Episode 129

On this episode we are joined by Kim, one of the leaders of the Prosperity Economics Movement, as well as Todd Langford, an advisor for the movement and the owner of “Truth Concepts”, a tool some of the smartest financial advisors are using to educate their clients on making strategic investment choices, to discuss the importance of doing something that you love.

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Show Notes

  • How does the movement deal with investments? – 2:02
  • Seeking alternatives for the investment world – 3:09
  • Understanding alternative investments – 3:56
  • The Prosperity Principles – 5:00
  • Income, Growth, and cash – 6:58
  • Creating a monthly income – 7:39
  • Todd Langford´s statement – 10:54
  • Have to v.s. get to – 15:40
  • Discussing workout – 17:08
  • Focusing on the negative – 22:10


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