Can prosperity economics be the answer you need?

Typical financial advice – what you listen to and hear in the mainstream financial media – will get you typical results. But what if you want better-than-typical results? If your goal is wealth and prosperity, not just safety and security, then you want the financial advice wealthy and prosperous people follow.

The mission of the Prosperity Economics Movement™ is to share exactly this – making it available not just to the wealthy, but anyone who truly seeks wealth. The concepts and principles are not for everyone at every point in life, but deciding if they’re right for you starts with knowing what they are.

Eight Perspectives on Prosperity Economics puts in your hands the thought leadership and nuts-and-bolts advice of a select group of Prosperity Economics advisors. From the first book of its kind, you will gain the insights of these experts on a wide array of financial topics, challenging much of the conventional wisdom around money. And as a result, you may just find yourself changing your financial path from “avoiding poverty” to “achieving prosperity.”

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