Experience the Next Truth Training with Todd Langford – Episode 183

Tammi interviews Todd Langford today! They talk about the previous Truth Training that Todd and Kim recently attended. There will be another training in April, so be sure to mark your calendars because Truth Training™ has been called the “Masters in Finance.” You will leave the event with the ability to demonstrate complex financial concepts in a way that clients can understand and take action.

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Links and Resources from this Episode

  • https://partners4prosperity.com/perpetual-wealth-book/
Show Notes
  • Talking about life insurance – 2:13
  • The power of life insurance – 2:50
  • What happens after death occurs? – 4:54
  • Impacting lives – 6:06
  • What you’ll do at a Truth Training – 6:45
  • The education process of a Truth Training – 7:06
  • Focusing on the client – 9:54
  • An example from the last Truth Training – 11:55
  • Being influential and helping clients make decisions – 13:14
  • The Truth Training: standing by the truth – 15:25
  • When will be the next Truth Training? – 18:01
  • Love what you are doing – 19:51

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