External Resources to Better Serve the Clients – Episode 284

The Prosperity Economics Movement is all about helping people build their businesses in a way that serves them best. That means creating a business model that works for you and your clients.


Speaking about the 2-Day Deep Dive Virtual Summit, Tammi and Kim discuss how the summit can help any individuals and businesses build a steady income stream that works for you. During this event, Kim and the rest of the team will be sharing her wealth of knowledge on the subject so you can learn how to create more financial freedom for yourself.


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Show Notes

  • What are the external resources within the Prosperity Economics Movement
  • How to build your business the way it will serve you so you can better serve the client
  • Out of everything that she can do, what is it that Kim wants to do to help clients?
  • 2-Day Deep Dive Virtual Summit: How to get more information about it


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