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Faith Begins with Self-Interest with Michael Isom – Episode 225

Tammi talks with Michael Isom who shares one of his personal philosophies: faith begins with self-interest. Enjoy this interview!

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Show Notes

  • Michael’s background – 1:07
  • Kim’s desire and perspective – 3:07
  • Talking about Kim Butler and the movement – 4:50
  • Attending the summits more than once – 6:10
  • Being a life-long learner – 7:49
  • Kim Butler as a strategic coach – 9:13
  • Wisdom begins with self-knowledge – 10:51
  • It’s not selfishness, it is self-interest – 12:24
  • It’s okay to want what you want – 13:31
  • Your number one asset is you – 14:02

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