Family Retreat – Episode 188

Kim and Tammi give a recap of their family retreat: this was their first family retreat that came off with great success, it was so unique! Kim even talks about it in her book, and in today’s episode, they will dive into some of the challenges and victories that occurred during the family retreat. Stay tuned!

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Show Notes

    • Why the movement exists – 1:23
    • Their awesome family retreat – 4:20
    • The results of the retreat – 4:34
    • Tammi’s takeaways from the retreat – 5:20
    • Family retreat challenges – 6:02
    • Activities that they did together – 10:29
    • Thinking on what’s most significant in life – 12:03
    • Creating a Perpetual Wealth Book course – 15:51
    • A few concepts that are inside Kim’s book – 17:22 

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