Find the Gap in Your Business – Bryan Repple – Episode 024


Tammi Brannan speaks with Bryan Repple about how he was able to identify what was holding back his company from growing. He elaborates on the importance of taking the time to finding obstacles, and making necessary changes to move forward efficiently.

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The Summit –

Show Notes:
00:00 Intro
02:06 Bryan’s Conference
03:37 Bryan’s Objective: Identify and Eliminate Obstacles
05:11 How do we become more efficient as team?
07:38 “I believe in thinking time.”
09:54 How he chose to cutback employees
11:29 Less people doing more work is more efficient
11:55 Employees drive the ship, importance of rewarding
12:40 CEO’s: It’s our job to set the vision
14:02 Middle area is defined by the vision
16:20 Growth is all about teaching
17:11 Recruit advisors + clients through education
23:40 Two biggest wealth destroyers