Finding Community and Development Opportunities with Katie Jackson and Elizabeth Hagenlocher – Episode 294

Janet Sims welcomes Katie Jackson, Communications and Connections Coordinator for Truth Concepts and Elizabeth Hagenlocher, Content Writer for PEM. Transformation is not a single event for Advisors, and the discussion revolves around how we assist them in finding community and development opportunities within our organization.

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Show Notes

  • Elizabeth discusses her role as a content writer for blogs, newsletters, white papers, and books
  • Katie explains her role as communication and connections coordinator for Truth Concepts
  • The importance of continuous learning 
  • How the Prosperity Economics Movement™ exists to provide education and community for whole life friendly advisors
  • What Elizabeth and Katie learn from advisors to help them better assist
  • The relevance of the Prosperity Economics Movement™ for advisors in terms of community
  • The transformation of the Prosperity Economics Movement™ and its aim to provide proven strategies and a support system for advisors
  • What is Truth Concepts and how advisors can get involved

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