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First Virtual Summit with Patrick Donahoe – Episode 121

Don’t miss out on a chance to be part of the First Virtual Summit of the Prosperity Economics Movement to be held on November 29th. Stay tuned as we get all the details of this exciting upcoming event from our guest Patrick Donahoe.

To learn more about the prosperity movement and help you and your clients build and keep wealth visit www.TheAdvisorAdvantage.com 

To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement


Show Notes

  • All you need to know about the Virtual Summit – 5:17
  • Providing more access to people – 8:30
  • Asking the right questions – 14:20
  • The value of expertise – 16:22
  • The “relationship business” – 17:18
  • Identifying action items – 18:55
  • Becoming a member of the Prosperity Economics Movement – 19:59

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