Five Keys For Making A Transition with Mike O’Sullivan – Episode 124

Ever wish you could be part of a significant movement? Well, this is your lucky day because on this episode we are joined by our fantastic guest Mike O’Sullivan, a financial advisor of the Prosperity Economics Movement, who is here today to talk about the benefits of being a part of the organization and how you can become a part of it!

To learn more about the prosperity movement and help you and your clients build and keep wealth visit:

To learn more about the Prosperity Economics Movement

Links and Resources from this Episode

  • Connect with Mike:

Show Notes

  • A growing movement – 1:58
  • Honorary membership – 2:35
  • Becoming an advisor – 5:03
  • Learning is key – 6:58
  • The desire of collaboration – 7:18
  • The background of an advisor –  10:20
  • Making a successful transition – 12:14
  • First key: know yourself – 12:41
  • Second key: personality-based choices – 14:21
  • Mike’s ideal client – 15:24
  • The right message for the right person – 18:02
  • A team that complements your strengths – 20:31

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