Four Tips that Allow You as an Advisor to be Flexible with Trent Fortner – Episode 165

Today’s episode is a special edition with Mr. Trent Fortner, the Advisor to Advisors within the Prosperity Economics Movement. He shares four tips that will allow you as an advisor to be flexible and will help you help your clients also. They talk about prospecting and working with clients to be flexible. With so many tips and techniques explained, stay tuned and enjoy!

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Show Notes
  • Technological nightmares that cause you to be flexible – 1:37
  • Required to be flexible? – 2:02
  • Using technology that provides value – 2:47
  • A bottle of water fell onto his brand-new laptop – 5:03
  • The importance of technology – 7:30
  • Learning to be flexible over the years – 8:11
  • Delivering value to someone else – 9:55
  • Be flexible, be able to listen – 11:32
  • Only looking for warning signs? – 12:19
  • You may need to be flexible about changes! – 12:47
  • A flexibility approach – 15:11
  • Take action now – 18:31
  • Trent as the Advisor to Advisors – 20:58
  • The number 1 objective for Advisors – 22:13 
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